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Maite Perroni enamorada de Mane


Ayer en la alfombra roja de la fiesta del programa de MTV Niñas Mal, la actriz Maite Perroni lucio de la mano junto a su actual pareja Mane, quien a leguas se ven que están súper enchufados el uno para el otro. Mientras caminan por la alfombra la pareja lució radiante y feliz en donde ella declaró su admiración por su nuevo novio.
“Es una persona muy talentosa, muy comprometida, tiene un gran talento, de verdad”.

Disfrutan y sufren famosos al ser confundidos con otras celebridades

They are not twins, family and friends, but have similar features and some to be confused suffer or enjoy the comparison
MEXICO CITY .- In spite or for pleasure, some exponents of music and performance have been confused with other celebrities because they share similar traits, whether in the eyes, the smile, the shape of the face, haircut or even the voice.

They are not family or friends even one of those involved do not even know the other, as happens to Eduardo Santamarina, who by his striking resemblance to the Spanish Antonio Banderas was cheered by a group of Chinese during his visit to Las Vegas 1997, when he participated in the telenovela Health, wealth and love.

"In one of those days free recording, three companions and I went to one of the big towers. At the top, where a shopping center and a roller coaster, were showing a film by Sylvester Stallone and Antonio Banderas (Murderers, 2005) and I was soon approached by a Chinese to me for autographs. As I usually do very joker I signed, but had not done, then suddenly let me come to 40 or 50 Chinese who accompanied him, I had to pull out by the back door just because I was scared. "

Something similar happened to the actress and Jacqueline Bracamontes when a Latin Grammy award ceremony was a low-cut dress. Walking with Patricia Manterola, a woman approached them to ask you translate an inscription on a sheet of paper, it had mistaken Ninel Conde.

Both tried to explain that was a mistake, but Mrs. bother to disbelieve Ninel Conde thinking that I wanted to go incognito. But the story does not end there, as even her mother has said it has features identical to those of Blossom murderer. "She says that in some pictures we igualitas, and my boyfriend mocks me." One day, Ninel told me that her husband was looking at pictures in a magazine, and told him: 'Look, my love, there you are' when in reality I was, "said the former beauty queen Jacqueline Bracamontes.

The singer Thalía also confused to see photos of Mariana Ochoa, as the latter recounted: "It was very nice, occurred in one of the Billboard Award nominations in 2001, I talked with my mates and suddenly OV7, Thalia I went super friendly. He said, 'Do not look like little sisters?, Truth is that when I open a magazine or see a picture, I became confused. " The fact that the comment is out of his mouth was glad because it showed a great simplicity of his hand, and I was delighted to see their attitude, "Mariana Ochoa shared, sometimes has the same tone of voice that the interpreter did not teach me.

Early in his career, Marlene Favela told him that was the twin sister of Adela Noriega and others, who in his time Lucía Méndez youth. "I recommended to find out if we had been separated at birth or had distant relationship because they believed they were seeing double," said Favela to the resemblance to both actresses.

Have the same appeal to the Cuban fans externship William Levy, called the "Brad Pitt Latino" given its characteristic features the Hollywood star. Far from being bothersome, the actor says that he loves, "because for me he has always been my idol. When I came to work in Mexico began to tell me so and was very pleased, I never imagined that I was going to compare. "

Those who bother
The protagonist of forbidden desires, Ana Serradilla, also pointed out similarities with Israel's Natalie Portman. In this regard, said: "It affects me, but no less strange, even I notice it is quite rare." What did bother him was when he said that Gael Garcia Bernal had sought to participate in his film Deficit resemblance to his ex-girlfriend. "For several years I have carved my way through effort and talent and not because of similarities with someone famous, so I got angry."

Whom should you not very funny being compared to American actress Megan Fox is the Uruguayan Barbara Mori, as long as they ask their opinion sidesteps the issue and removed from journalists. The same applies to Niurka Marcos when he hears mention the name of Lis Vega, who played in the Videohome My truth, Juan Osorio came to tell their story of love next to the star, but it did not like the idea , and so Vega said in a broadcast program Sábado Gigante. "I admire a lot, I've always said that for many Cubans who started in the dance, Niurka was like an idol. I spent many things to embody in the film. She told me I was not her slipper, could not be a Cuban to do a character like her and I threw many stones, but now we have chemistry, "said Lis Vega.

"You look so much like me you can not fool me" is a classic phrase in the subject poor innocent friend who sings Lupita D'Alessio and might well be applied to the Mexican Ana de la Reguera Spanish with Penelope Cruz and Paz Vega.

At first I just laugh every time you point out, and responds with a "maybe yes, depending on the point of view of each person", which also applies the conductor Patricio Cabezut to be checked with Kevin Costner.

But not only against the star of countless American films, but also with the idol Andy Garcia and the late Emilio Azcarraga Milmo employer. "I know of where I see similarities, but it is an honor. Once wrote in a newspaper that if there were a film about the life of the latter, I could be the natural actor, perhaps because the white streak. It would be an honor to be Azcarraga, because it is a man I admire very much for all the empire he built, moreover, is a television icon, the company's (Televisa), which I have worked almost 20 years and I have a very special affection. "

Fernanda Castillo also represent a pride give birth to the diva Silvia Pinal at the time of youth, through a feature in its history. "As I have repeatedly said they see in me a certain similarity with the lady and what I can tell, it's wonderful, is a woman I admire very much in every way," said the young woman who excelled in Mexico for his work on The Music Today I can not lift, which currently plays in Spain.

The list of similarities between artists is still long: Fernando Couto and Ricardo Arjona, Eugenio Siller and Matthew McConaughey, Sabine Mousie and Linda Carter, Omar Germs and Robbie Williams, Chantal Andere and Nia Vardalos, Guillermo del Toro and Peter Jackson, Alex Ubago and David Schwimmer, Fito Paez, and Tim Burton, to name a few.

They say that every person in the world have seven twins. The theory has not yet been proven, but if not, at least the resemblance of these celebrities is indisputable.

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Jacqueline Bracamontes protagonizará nueva telenovela de Carla Estrada

Carla Estrada celebró su cumpleaños rodeada de su equipo de producción, así como de su esposo, Oscar del Toro
CIUDAD DE MÉXICO.- La actriz Jackie Bracamontes será la protagonista de la nueva telenovela de la productora Carla Estrada, la cual será el "remake" de "Tú o nadie", la cual estelarizó hace años Lucía Méndez.

La productora, quien festeja su cumpleaños, dio a conocer que Bracamontes es la mujer ideal para el estelar de su nueva producción, la cual iniciará grabaciones la próxima semana.

"La elegí a ella porque tiene la edad idónea, además que desde hace tiempo teníamos ganas de trabajar juntas, y hasta este momento se dio; lo que más me gustó es la química que tiene en pantalla con William Levy", explicó Estrada.

Asimismo, mencionó que todavía no elige a la villana, por lo que mañana tendrá una reunión con varias actrices, entre ellas, Ana Brenda; "estuve buscando a Yolanda Andrade, pero hasta el momento no hemos tenido ningún contacto, pero ella sería una gran antagónica".

Conocida como "La Reina Midas de las telenovelas", Estrada indicó que tampoco sabe quien interpretará el tema principal del melodrama, pero le gustaría que fuera un cantante juvenil.

Carla Estrada celebró su cumpleaños rodeada de su equipo de producción, así como de su esposo, Oscar del Toro: "Hoy estuve rodeada de mi familia, recibí muchos abrazos y besos, y tuve la fortuna de que mi hijo me llamara para felicitarme".

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''Mujeres asesinas 3'' se estrena este 21 de septiembre

La serie producida por Pedro Torres arrancará transmisión por canal de televisión de paga
CIUDAD DE MÉXICO (01/SEP/2010).- La tercera temporada de ''Mujeres asesinas'' llegará a la televisión este 21 de septiembre, producida por Pedro Torres contará con 14 historias que incluyen 21 asesinas entre ellas, Belinda, Dulce María, Jacqueline Bracamontes, Mayte Perroni y Kika Edgar entre otras actrices.

El estreno será en martes en punto de las 22:00 horas a través del canal de paga TVC según lo dio a conocer Pedro Torres en su cuenta oficial de Twitter, la primer historia de esta temporada será ''Irma, la de los peces'' protagonizada por la tapatía Jacqueline Bracamontes y Alejandro Tomassi.

La historia relata la relación de una mujer sumisa casada con un hombre celoso el cual la tiene cautiva en su propia casa, la única distracción de ella es su pecera la cual contempla todos los días, Irma estará cansada del maltrato y la humillación ocasionando un desenlace fatal.

Se prevé que ''Mujeres asesinas 3'' arranque en televisión abierta a partir de enero del 2011 la cual también contará con el regreso a la televisión de la actriz Pilar Pellicer en ''Las Cotuchas empresarias''.